Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
   Happy Halloween from Yo It's Spicy! It is hard to believe that our site has grown so much in even a year. We are back from semi-hiatus and will be posting regular articles about Five Night's At Freddy's, Godville, Plague Inc: Evolved, and more games! Here is some info about our future.

   Firstly, and most important of all we are BACK FROM HIATUS which I am very excited about it.  We will still be covering Plague Inc: Evolved and Plague Inc. but it will be toned down and we will not be focusing all of our time on it. That being said, guides should be coming for those games for a couple of months at least. 

   Secondly, we have two major games that we are going to be covering called Godville and Five Nights at Freddy's. Both are wonderful games and I definitely think you should check both of them out.

   Any whom, more info will come out soon! Stay tuned!

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