Why the Animatronics Aren't 'Glitching' in Five Nights at Freddy's

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   Some members of the community (although not the vast majority) of Five Night's at Freddy's still believe that the animatronics are not haunted and are merely malfunctioning. There are major problems with this theory. Below will help break down why they are not glitching. Warning Contains Spoilers!

   The theory that they are malfunctioning comes from the night 1 message of the phone guy in which he states the following.

   So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?
Uh, now concerning your safety, the only real risk to you as a night watchman here, if any, is the fact that these characters, uh, if they happen to see you after hours probably won't recognize you as a person. They'll p-most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without its costume on. Now since that's against the rules here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, they'll probably try to...forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Um, now, that wouldn't be so bad if the suits themselves weren't filled with crossbeams, wires, and animatronic devices, especially around the facial area. So, you could imagine how having your head forcefully pressed inside one of those could cause a bit of discomfort...and death. Uh, the only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth when they pop out the front of the mask, heh.
-Phone Guy Message (Section) From Night 1
   The whole explanation about them seeing you as a metal endoskeleton, even if they could tell the difference is completely blown apart from this picture and I am shocked people haven't noticed this.
Bonnie Walking Right Past a Metal Endoskelton
   According for the rules given out by Phone Guy it would of made logical sense for Bonnie to put it in a costume, but instead he walks completely by and then stares directly at the camera. 
   This strongly suggests some sort of sentience of some sort. They not only know you are there, but they hide from your when you are looking for them. Is that programmed into them? Must be pretty impressive since the game is set in the 1990s. Not only that but they give you more hints. Lots of hints.
    Again, this is covered in more detail in other articles. That being said, it is clear that the 5 missing children possessed the animatronic animals. It is possible that the children were murdered by the night guardsmen, explaining why they attack you. It would make no sense for Scott Cawthon the creator of the game to put this in and the exact number of children as animatronics without giving a reason.
   If that doesn't simply convince you enough, the owner of the game itself has confirmed the electronics are haunted, so this story is just about confirmed.
   Disagree with my theory? Feel free to talk and debate in the comment section below! Remember to stay ready for Freddy!

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