Plague Inc.[Submitted Guide] Neurax Worm Mega-Brutal Guide

This guide has been written and submitted by Charles R. Medlock. Submit your own guide to us now via our submit section!

Spicy's Comments: Another Neurax Worm guide for you guys! Be sure to give some comments and some feedback for the guide's improvement. It's pretty straight-forward, I haven't tested it yet but it looks to be a really simple Transcendence strategy.


  • ATP Boost
  • Aquacyte
  • Trans-Stasis
  • Base Hydrolysis
  • Extremophile
Don't worry about mutations unless they cause lethality 

-Start in India
-Evolve eggs 1 
-Evolve insect 1
-Evolve bird 1
-Evolve rodent 1
-Evolve genetic swap
-Evolve mutative regeneration 1
-Evolve mutative regeneration 2
-Evolve concertina locomotion
-Evolve undulatory locomotion 
-Evolve water 1 
-Evolve air 1
-Evolve drug resistance 1 
-Evolve cold resistance 1
-Evolve water 2 
-Evolve air 2
-Evolve drug resistance 2
-Evolve cold resistance 2
-Evolve eggs 2 
-Evolve water 3
-Evolve air 3 
-Evolve trojan planes 1
-Evolve trojan planes 2 
-Evolve trojan planes 3
-Evolve trojan roamers 1
-Evolve trojan roamers 2

When the cure gets too high or everyone is infected, evolve neural breach, cerebral tendrils, frontal mesh, immaturity, mania, obsession, devotion, and transcendence. After that get any infective symptoms without lethality possible.

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