Plague Inc[Submitted Guide] Scenarios with Simian Flu(Pirate Plague) on Normal Difficulty

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Spicy's Comments: A very well-written and detailed guide! Kudos to Tuhtul for writing an amazing guide for the Simian Flu. I honestly hate this plague-type--especially with scenarios. Please remember to give some feedback and comments for this guide's improvement!

Trying to achieve three biohazards in scenarios with the Simian Flu? I had almost concluded that it's just not possible on Normal difficulty. The Simian Flu is so slow, and winning quickly is the key to the 65,000 score you'll need for this achievement. But this morning I cracked the code, winning in 470 days with a score of 66,572. Cure progress was 9%. And I FINALLY got the Super Sparrow acheivement on the Pirate Plague scenario.

The key is to spread the flu using bands of traveling apes. As they move, they will infect every territory they pass through. So you want to think about the path as well as the destination as you move them around the map. Here's the strategy, and I hope it'll help you with this difficult task.

Gene Setup: 

  • ATP Boost
  • Teracyte
  • ATP Overdose
  • Leadership
  • Extremophile

Start in East Africa. and evolve Neuro-genesis and Organized Travel right away. Then Inter-genus dissemination 1. Then create a band of traveling apes in the upper part of East Africa. A note here...I like to pause the game whenever possible to conserve precious days. This helps cut the time, which is crucial. Drag your apes across to West Africa, making sure the path cuts through Sudan and Central Africa on the way.

Evolve Inter-genus dissemination 2. This is all we need for ape-to-ape transmission since we are evolving it so early. It's a key part of the strategy because we need a healthy population of apes for the next part of the strategy, which is building colonies and sending our apes around the world. Now evolve Logistics and Seafaring so your apes can move faster. Remeber the key here is SPEED, so you want a population of intelligent apes to get around the globe FAST.

Here's where things start to get interesting. You want to move a group of apes from the first country that gets infected "naturally". In my case this was Libya. I moved apes to China in a line that cut across Egypt,
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and India, infecting apes in all those countries along the way.

As soon as you have the DNA, evolve Ape Colonies. You will want to place your first colony in the territory with the greatest number of intelligent apes. In my case this was Central Africa. The more intelligent apes, the more DNA your colony will generate.

Now starts the juggling act. You want to divide your attention between creating new colonies and sending out groups of apes to infect the world. In my example it went like this.

I put a colony in East Africa and created another band of apes in Libya. This group was sent to Canada, cutting across Algeria, Morocco and the US. Then another colony, this one in West Africa. A band of apes from Morocco to Peru, cutting across Columbia and Brazil. A band of apes from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. A colony in Sudan. More apes from Algeria, this time cutting across Europe on the way to Sweden.You want to use the pause button a lot so you can do all this in a short amount of time.

Time for the next stage...Hominidae Bridge. At this point I had apes on the way to North and South America, and another group on the way to Indonesia. I am a little less than six months from start, and I have four colonies on the African continent. As soon as I have the DNA I evolve Hominidae Bridge and use pause to make sure I can pop the red bubbles as they appear. I use the DNA to evolve every non-lethal symptom that increases infection rates. Now check India, China and Indonesia, and plant colonies there, starting with the one that has the greatest number of intelligent apes. The last colony will cost you 46 DNA, so while you wait for that to build up start working on infecting the island countries. Once the human population in a country is infected, move a group of apes from there to an uninfected island. For example, I moved apes from Zimbabwe to Australia, cutting across Madagascar. Other moves included Columbia to USA, cutting across Caribbean. I find that by moving groups across the islands you can avoid the annoying problem of a group that fails to land successfully.

So now I have all my colonies, and I am moving groups to infect the islands. SE Asia to Phillipines, Korea to Japan. Be sure the human population of the country of origin is infected before you move your apes! While you are moving groups around, evolve Water 1 and 2, Air 1 and 2, and Extreme Bioaerosol. Move your colony from Indonesia to New Zealand and hope they don't drown off shore.

As soon as GenSys labs begin to appear, evolve Ape Rampage to crush them. This is important because it will slow the cure, which affects your final score. As soon as possible evolve Cold Resistance 1 and 2, and Drug Resistance 1 and 2, which will help with the infection rate in cold and rich countries.

So at this point my game looks like this. I am a little less than 11 months in, I have 8 ape colonies, I have all the non-lethal symptoms (and a couple of mutated lethal ones), and every country except Greenland is infected. Apes are on the way to Greenland, but Iceland and Greenland can be skipped in this scenario if you want. I like to infect them just to be thorough.

So now you want to pump up the infectivity. Get Fomites 1, 2 and 3. Then Blood 1 and 2. Let lethal mutations occur freely. Now evolve Extreme Haemoareosol. Keep an eye on the infectivity bar and it should be about maxed out at this point. Now it's time to start evolving lethal symptoms. Keep evolving them until you have them all, but keep an eye on your least infected country to be sure you have a good base of infected population before you increase your lethality too much. In this example Canada was slow, so I waited until I had 150,000 infected before I maxed out the lethal symptoms. It was still cutting it close but you are after speed so use your best judgement. After that I went for Coma and Genetic Reshuffle to bring down the cure progress.

If drones target your colonies just move them out of the way. Don't let them get destroyed as this will shut down your DNA and affect your score. I recommend you move them the least distance as they will not produce DNA while they are on the move.

So that's it. The game I played while writing this guide scored 3 biohazards, a score of 65,841, winning in 469 days with cure at 14%. So I am 2 for 2 with this strategy and I hope it will work for you! Good luck and happy gaming!