Clicker Heroes Beginner's Guide

Pumpkin Hat on Cid. Lol
So you just started playing Clicker Heroes? It's starts out pretty simple, but tends to be confusing as you reach your first ascension, because you won't know what to do with Hero Souls. Maybe you don't even know what Hero souls are. Let's Start this guide from the first stages of the early game all the way to your first ascension.

There are tons of ways you could level and play this game. This guide is just based on my personal experiences and the suggestions & advice that have been given over and over again at Clicker Heroes Kongregate Chat.

Starting your game. Leveling Heroes and Clicking all day

What are Hero Souls? When do I ascend? How do I ascend?

When Should I buy Ancients? Which Ancients Should I get First?

Most Optimal Way of Leveling Ancients?

Gilds? How Do I Get Them? Which Heroes Should I Get Gilds On?

What's EDR? How Do I Use it?

How do I make runs faster?

This Guide still needs some more information, which shall be added soon. I hope it somehow helped you guys! Happy Spicy Gaming!

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