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Like clicking things? How about leveling up heroes and watching monsters die? How 'bout endlessly grinding through levels to reach higher levels? If you like all that and you're into idle games, then Clicker Heroes is the game for you!

Clicker Heroes is an idle game developed by Fragsworth and Doogog of Playsaurus. It is an idle flash game that has over 7 million plays on Kongregate alone! So if you're interested in trying out this awesome and very addicting game check it out on Kongregate or on the official Clicker Heroes site. (The only significant difference between playing on Kong and on the original site is that Kong has a chatroom...)

The main objective of the game is to, simply put, kill monsters and gain hero levels, but as you progress through the game and eventually reach a point where progression is super slow, another option will be available to you, Ascensions. We'll get into that in the upcoming guides.

Clicker Heroes also has a very active community at Reddit. Lots of people constantly put up suggestions for the improvement of the game, and the devs (sometimes) take note of these suggestions and put them up on future updates. It's also a great place to ask for help and advice from players who've been playing for a long time.

I can go on and on about the game, but it'll be better if you try it out yourself. Right now, it's only available as a Flash game, but we could hope that it comes out on mobile....right devs?

Because this game is being constantly updated, I'll break down the guides into patches. Also if you want to chat while playing this game, you can hang-out with me at Kongregate's Clicker Heroes Room 11, I'm almost always there.

Guides for 0.16

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