Five Nights At Freddy's Night 1 Guide and Walkthrough

Part of the Series on Five Nights at Freddy's

   Welcome to night 1 of the nightshift! This is the first level of Five Night at Freddy's and the easiest night. (Not including Custom Night) The strategy for Night 1 is extremely simple so this article will be extremely short. The good part of this strategy is it almost always works and has an extremely simple route to follow.

1.) Listen to the Phone Call by Phone Guy until 2 AM.
2.) Close the Left Door
3.) Wait until 6 AM

   How does this strategy work? You wait until 2 AM so you don't run out of power, you then close the left door to prevent Foxy from coming in. Do not worry about the Right Door as Freddy is not active and Chica will not kill you if you do not look at the camera. Just wait and you got by for night 1!

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