Godville: Punishment

   Part of the Series on Godville

   Sometimes your hero has done something terribly stupid and what is a just and fair God to do? Or you may simply punish your hero for the jolly of it. (That being said, your hero and some community members may question your sanity for such actions) That being said, it can be not only used for attacking your hero but can have some other useful uses against monsters and creatures. More below!

   In Godville, punishment is used to deal damage to your hero or your enemy. It is most commonly used for these three things. It is recommended you read all three to get a good idea in when to use them.

   Firstly, it is used to deal damage in the arena and in mini-quests against mini-bosses. It is also useful against bosses such as being triggered by digging.  It is not recommended to use this against normal enemies. You can tell and see if they are bosses by the simple fact that mini-boss fights and boss fights look almost the same compared to an arena fight. If it is not, it is not recommended. It is also useful in the arena against an enemy. It is recommended to do this if your health is over 1/4 of your total possible health. That being said, a good voice of God command using 'smite' can also do the trick.

   Secondly, it can be used to change your hero's personality to the dark side and make him evil. This has 'good' (no pun intended) results such as increasing your attack power, it also on the downside makes your hero heal less fast. Your hero will also tend to die more, so it is recommended if you have it, to set it on some kind of alert system.

   Thirdly and lastly, it is used to smelt gold bricks from gold coins. It usually takes around 3000 gold coins but you should always check the market quotes on the Godville Times. It will give you a gold brick to complete your temple.

   I hope this guide helped you! Will you be good or evil? Leave it in the comments below! Happy Spicy Gaming!