Godville: Encouragement

  Part of the Series on Godville

   In Godville your hero can be encouraged. But what does that mean? This article will examine what it is, what it can do, and when you should use it, chances of it working and more. Find out more below!

   The goal of encouragement is multi-layered but includes influencing your hero's personality, health, and turning gold coins into gold bricks. A commonly used use of it is to use it when you are fighting a player in the arena when you are below 1/2-1/5 health depending on the style of play you use. It is recommended however to not always use encouragement when you are not in a mini-quest or in the arena as the hero will simply return to a town and heal. That being said if your hero has valuable artifacts or around 3000 coins it would be wise to use encouragement or punish to smelt it into a gold brick.

   The most useful aspect of encouragement is healing your hero when you are below 25% health. This will make sure your enemy will not use a punish or a voice of God attacking command causing your hero to lose massive health and therefore lose the game.

   The second most useful function of encouragement is using it when your hero has around 3000 gold bricks (check the market quotes on the Godville Times section.) This will give you a gold brick around 1/4 of the time. (1/4th is an estimate given by Godville Players)

   Thirdly and lastly, the use of encouragement is to change your hero's personality. An encouragement which we are using will make your hero turn to the good side, while a punish will turn him evil although it requires multiple uses of it.

   I hoped this taught you some basic things about encouragement. If you got anything you would like to add please contact us. Happy Spicy Gaming! Have fun!

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