Godville: Resurrection

   Part of the Series on Godville

   In the game of Godville, your hero can die. How can you reverse it? This is how resurrection comes in. Resurrection costs 0% Godpower and will turn your hero back to life. Normally, people who are dead will go to the afterlife but your hero has a God who is watching over them! Your hero will automatically resurrect themselves after 24 hours but will be mad at you for a while. Find out more below!

   Not resurrecting your hero as soon as possible will cause you to lose quest progress time that you could of had your hero exploring, making you behind in progress. That being said if you forgot to check up for 24 hours or didn't decide to heal him your hero will get over it and will continue doing quests. (Assuming they got resurrected and are not still in progress of being resurrected) So it is highly recommended you resurrect him as it costs nothing and will keep progress going. 

   I would recommend if you are using the mobile version of the game to set it to alert you if your hero has died. I wouldn't of checked up on my hero when he would of died without an alert for a while and it allows you not to keep checking on the app to just know if anything has happened to your hero. 

   In summary the resurrection tool is highly useful and you should definitely use it as soon as possible once you know your hero has been killed. It will save you some time. Hope this guide has helped you! Happy Spicy Gaming!

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