Five Nights At Freddy's Myth #1: 1987 Mode Alternate End

1987 Mode
   Lately, there has been rumors going around the entering 1-9-8-7 into night 7 would trigger a secret ending. This rumor is false. Read below for more info!

   Although, the developer did add a Golden Freddy pop-up screen easter egg to apparently to stop the rumors. It is to note that it simply crashes the game and does not cause a true alternate ending. Entering it after Version 1.3 will cause the game to simply crash as seen in the video below.

     It should not be a shock, as hoaxes in video games are very common for many reasons. Many reasons for this include the general lack of programming knowledge among most people and the fact that most people will simply spread the info along without checking the validity. It would be neat however for the developer to add a hidden video showing the Bite of '87' although this seems unlikely. Hopefully we will find out more info in Five Nights at Freddy's 2! Stay tuned!

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