Plague Inc. Did I Mean to Do That? Achievement Guide

The "Did I mean to do that?" Achievement is a pretty simple and easy achievement to unlock. It doesn't require much although its description describes something pretty complicated.

All you have to do to get this achievement is to evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis then wait for the pop-up saying that the apes have escaped from the very first Gen-Sys lab. Shortly after this event, devolve Simian Neuro-genesis, doing so will unlock the achievement. It will also show this pop-up:

Pretty simple right? Hope this guide has helped you and as always, Happy Spicy Gaming!


  1. Maybe it's just a glitch with the mobile version, but I can't devolve the simian neuro-genisis... Any suggestions?

  2. it costs 12 DNA

  3. Michael FiorucciMay 6, 2015 at 5:55 AM

    I evolved the simian genesis thingy, then i waited to get enough evolution points so i could devolve it, but guess what? even if i have 50 points, it doesn't want to devolve

  4. You need ion surge in order to be able to devolve Simian Neuro-Genesis