Plague Inc. Ultimate Christmas Achievement Guide

The "Ultimate Christmas" achievement is one of the three achievements that can be exclusively unlocked by playing the Santa's Little Helper scenario. As the description suggests, you will need to discover, by this it means evolve the right stuff, the ultimate Christmas combo. It isn't too hard, especially since this scenario is basically like a give-away super-easy scenario to beat.

First off, I have no idea which symptoms specifically will be able to proc the Ultimate Combo. All I know are these things I've noted while playing:

  1. You must have the Red-Suited Pilot and Red-Nosed Guide abilities. These abilities stem from the Gift Plane ability, an ability which enables the gift planes--duh--that will appear from time to time. These two abilities have red icons, which makes them really hard to miss.
  2. You will need to have some other Red abilities in order to successfully make the combo activate. The specific transmissions or symptoms you need is what I'm unsure of, but I am quite sure that you need some other red-icon transmissions or symptoms. I've tried playing with only Red-Suited Pilot and Red-Nosed Guide active, the combo didn't even pop-up.
  3. It takes some time to show up. Like any other combo pop-up

To give you a much clearer idea on which transmissions, symptoms, and abilities you'll need, here's a screenshot of my Disease tree when I got the achievement. I'm lazy, go find the specific things yourself, can't even be bothered to Google, that's how lazy I am right now.

 As you can see, I have 8 red-icon thingies evolved before the pop-up showed up.

After some time of waiting, after having several red-icon stuff, this pop-up will appear. Bringing the achievement along with it.

That about does it. Hope you got it. Excuse my laziness, I might have gotten the Sloth symptom from the worm. THE WORM IS ALMIGHTY! ALL PRAISE!

Thanks for reading this guide and as always, Happy Spicy Gaming!

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