Plague Inc. Teleportation Scenario Mega-Brutal Guide | 3 Biohazards

The teleportation scenario puts you in a world where certain countries are able to make use of a teleportation device to teleport themselves whenever they feel a plague is coming. They move to a country they think has a low chance of being infected based on a mobile game. It's this game, Plague Inc., if you're too slow to pick that up.

The one stand-out thing that happens in this scenario is, as you guessed it, teleportation. Basically, this pop-up shows up:
and effs up your day. Because when Mass teleportation happens, the origin country will have significantly lower infection rates. Imagine having the entire world completely infected and China's just there like: "can't infect me lol". It's extremely frustrating especially on mega-brutal games.

Besides the teleportation thingy nothing much stands out. Just a normal game of infect and kill. This scenario can be completed on every available plague type, including special plagues. If you want to make your life easier, just play it one Neurax, send planes to island countries then watch people die trying to teleport. That thing still confuses me. Anyway, here's some guides I made up to make your lives a little bit easier.

As of now, that's all I have. Please don't hate me.

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