Swarm Simulator: Optimal Bats and Lepidoptera numbers.

So you've been playing a while and want to know the most optimal numbers you'd want your bats and lepidopteras to have just so you won't waste time waiting for more energy. Well, look no further, because I'm here to explain stuff, and confuse you a lot. Don't follow the screenshot, I've made errors. SORRY!

I'll start this off with the most optimal number you should have, before I go on and talk about irrelevant things. These values are according to both reddit and Kongregate chat.

  • BATS are most optimal at 500
  • LEPIDOPTERA are most optimal at 4,000
If you still want to know why these are the most optimal numbers for these things, then keep reading. But know this, I am not a very smart person. If you're looking for a very scientific and mathematical take on this, go to Swarm Sim's reddit.

Bats at 500 will give a 20% boost to your skills, if you think another 500 will make it 40%, you are wrong. That is not how things work here. You're probably going to need a few thousands, maybe more, if you even want to hit that 60% cap on bats.

Lepidoptera at 4,000 will give 80% more energy, again, if you think another 4,000 will make it cap at 100% you are very wrong. I once had 12,000 of these things and was only able to have 92% or something like that. Needless to say, just keep it at 4,000 so you could put your hard-earned energy into something more useful, like Swarmrush or clones.

That's it, if you want more info from a guy who obviously doesn't know a lot. Then leave a comment, I'll try to answer them to best of my very limited abilities. If you have tips, that's good too.

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