Dungeons of Derp: Review and Guides Overview

Dungeons of Derp is an idle(?)/strategy game developed by CHRISSKOSS and BobbySeidens. This game puts you in a world where you manage a blue stickman's equipment and cards, which will help him conquer endless dungeon maps. Oh and by the way, you can't control your guy, he moves how he wants and you won't have any control over him-- I guess that's the idle part about this game? I'm bad at writing stuff, try to understand what I'm saying.

Although the game is still at its Alpha stages, it offers a lot of enjoyment for its players. Tournaments or races are conducted every week, weekend, and, in some occasions, daily. The prize for topping one of these races is the chance to design or suggest a new card, equipment, and even a map.

The game is updated very frequently, and the Devs really listen to their players regarding the game's balancing and how the game could be more enjoyable to a lot of other people. Posting suggestions on either their subreddit or the game's chat room will let your idea be heard or seen, as long as it's not stupid or completely unnecessary.

As I've already said, the game is still in its Alpha stages, so we should expect a lot of changes, balancing, and new stuff. What's really fun for me about this game right now is that it constantly changes its meta, or how you build your character to go further. In one week, having a lot of dodge might be the build-of-choice as it lets you gets further, the next week it's all about resistances. The challenge of balancing your stick guy's attributes, skills, and equipment to reach farther levels keeps me playing this game over and over again.

If you want a short tutorial about this game, it's available here--it's also stickied on Dungeon of Derp's sub-reddit so it's pretty hard to miss.

Here's a list of guides I've made or other people have submitted:


Useful Tools/ Scripts/ Code/ Sites

  • Reserved for something. I don't know what yet.

I recommend that you guys check this game out, maybe even leave a comment here if you enjoyed it or have any information on how to make playing it a little more enjoyable, or easier.

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