Dungeons of Derp: Where to enter Auto-Build Swapper Script

blogger Original Post and location of Auto-Build Swapper Script.

Okay, I've separated a supposedly-better-on-one-post post into two posts, I am a genius. Let's make this short, but as informative as possible, shall we? So there are two methods:

METHOD 1: Paste into JavaScript Console

  • [A] Requires no browser extension downloads.
  • [A] Quick copy then paste
  • [D] Requires copy-pasting every time you refresh the page.
  • [D] I only know how to open up JavaScript console on chrome, so other browser users need to Google some more. Sorry!

Open up the Javascript console, either by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+J(On Chrome) or by going to Google Chromes' More Tools and clicking on "JavaScript Console"(Shown at image above). Doing either of these things will bring up the Java-script console.
Simply paste the code there, and you're done. Again, you'd have to copy and paste the script here every time you reload Dungeons of Derp. CODE IS HERE IF YOU NEED IT

METHOD 2: Using CJS extension

  • [A] Script is saved and will automatically load even when page is refreshed or re-loaded.
  • [D] Extension needs to be installed
  • [A] I use it. This isn't an advantage, sorry.
  • [D] Only on available on Chrome. I think. I don't know, I'm too lazy to Google.
Install this CJS extension on your Google Chrome Browser. Link to CJS

After installation, CJS icon will appear on the right side of the address bar. Load Dungeons of Derp game page then click on CJS icon. If clicking on it doesn't show the box thing like on the image below, then refresh the page. Look at me using words like "box thing", you can now be sure that the person guiding you on this has little knowledge of what he's doing.
Paste Code on first line. Seriously, there's no other place to paste anything on. Remember to check the box saying "enable cjs for this host".

Save your code. Page reloads. Your done. Have fun.

If you guys have any other methods, please let me know. If you haven't already guessed, I'm really bad at this. Sorry. Hope I helped. Please don't stone me.

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