Plague Inc. Contaminated Package Achievement Guide [Submitted]

This short and simple guide was written by Miguel Veloso. Submit your own guide to us now via our submit section or by sending them directly to yoitsspicy@yahoo.com.ph

Spicy's Notes: Very simple and straightforward guide for the Contaminated Package achievement. Comment and rate if it is indeed effective to use this submitted method in getting the achievement

I've earned the achievement "Contaminated package" in the Android app this way:

  • ATP Boost, 
  • Teracyte, 
  • Trans-Stasis, 
  • Base Hydrolysis, 
  • Extremophile
Bacteria / Casual

Started in Egypt
Evolved Blood 1 & 2
Anaemia, Hemophilia,
Internal hemorrhaging
Insect 1 & 2
Extreme Hematophagy
Drug 1 & 2
Heat 1
Cold 1

In the meantime i got the achievement.

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