Spicy plays Dota 2 | Abaddon Support

My very first let's play video on Dota 2 and a sad attempt by me, and my brother, to win a typical SEA normal game. You should watch it, it's very sad.

In short summary, this is what happened.

We planned to harass our lane so I bought Boots and Orb of Venom as my starter items. Leaving me with no regen items whatsoever. When we got to the lane, we were faced against a solo Riki.

Being the noob support that I am, I did not buy sentry wards right away. I gave the Lich almost all of the farm so he could farm up his Aghanim's Scepter. Also, as an addition to being a noob support, I did not buy any wards--except for the sentry we used to gank Riki.

All throughout the game I was experiencing very bad ping spikes which made it insanely hard to support and keep my Outworld Devourer, who was carrying our team, alive.

Towards the end of the game, our Wraith King decided to do all sorts of weird and unnecessary things which made our lane pushing very slow. Because of his weird movements, or our bad teamwork, our enemies ended up breaking all our barracks and giving us only one option. To push mid all the way to their ancient and win the game.

If you watched the video, you'll quickly find out that it did not end in our favor. All of us died and we lost. Sad game.

Any tips you want to share with me to improve my game? or just want to flame me and repeatedly point out how noob I am. Quickly! Comment them below!

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