Plague Inc. Fungus Mega-Brutal Guide [Submitted Guide]

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Welcome to the simplest Plague Inc Mega-Brutal Fungus guide you will ever see!
Lets just cut the commentary and get started

*Start in Saudi Arabia with these genes

Catalytic Switch 
Genetic Mimic
#1 Evolve in order
Spore Burst
Spore Burst
Spore Burst
Spore Burst
Spore Burst
Spore Burst
Water 1
Air 1
Bug 1

#2 Evolve spore Eruption and then 6 more spore bursts with the other Eruption.

Evolve Cold 1 & 2
Evolve Drug 1
Evolve Genetic Hardening 1
Evolve Spore Hardening

#3 The small symptoms that will get you noticed
(If you have these, GREAT!)

#4 Time to start infecting massively!
(By now the cure should be at 2%, if any more you screwed up)
Evolve Water 2
Evolve Skin Lesions
Evolve Nausea
Evolve Insomnia
Evolve Bug 2

#5 Defense

Evolve Drug 2
Evolve Genetic Hardening 2

#6 Your Disease should have infected 75% of the world and the Cure should be at 20%

#7 Time to kill

Evolve Systemic Infection
Evolve Genetic ReShuffle 1 (Should be 30 DNA)
Evolve Paranoia
Evolve Necrosis ( I know, these must be expensive! )
Evolve TOF (Total Organ Failure)
Evolve Coma

#8 Wait for the whole world to be infected. You should have all countries infected, if Greenland isnt infected, you lost.

You should have had at least 40% cure if you did this right! Thanks

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