Plague Inc. Parasite Speed Run Guide [Submitted]

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Spicy's Notes: pretty well-written and built guide. Simple and straight-forward. Guyasp even went the extra mile to provide screenshots of his end-game stats. Thank you for submitting, guyasp!

Parasite speed run

So basically we need to move fast and kill the entire world within 365 days. This is one of the easiest to do, kinda straightforward. Symptoms are the key here for successful agile work. With a bit of luck it’ll go even quicker.

Genes setup:
       ATP Boost - so we can start with some symptoms from day 1.
       Native Biome - time is key so the faster we start infecting, the faster we finish.
       Sympto-stasis - we’ll only use 4 abilities and 5 transmissions so it’s a shame to use this on them while we’re gonna evolve 20+ symptoms.
       Darwinist - if some work can be done for us, it is pointless to resist

1.     Before you start, develop Rash and Sweat.
2.     Start in Saudi Arabia.
3.     Evolve, in this order: (devolve any lethal symptom)
       Skin Lesions
       Air 1
       Water 1
       Water 2
       Air 2
       Drug 1
       Cold 1
       Hyper sensitivity
       Cold 2
       Drug 2
       Extreme Bioaerosol
4.     At this point we’re having an infective plague which isn’t very severe, so until all islands are infected wait and keep on devolving lethal ones (even if it’s gonna cost you).
5.     Once no islands are healthy, you can stop devolving. Relax, let the plague work for you and keep on harvesting DNA points.
6.     After all countries are infected (should take around 7 months), evolve in this order:
       Total Organ Failure
       Hemorrhagic Shock
       Internal Haemorrhaging
       any other lethal symptom you like


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