Spicy plays DOTA 2 | Crystal Maiden Support

This time I'm playing a support crystal maiden. Doing nothing but support things and trying not to die--or to die for the benefit of my team.

Watch the video!

Basically went to safe lane to babysit our Phantom Assassin carry and try my best to ward and keep the carry safe and alive. Did very basic support things such as ward, stack(horribly), and save team mates from death even if it meant my own demise.

Things went very smoothly for the Phantom Assassin, allowing her to quickly snowball and get the necessary items to fight.

I didn't feed or die too much so that meant I had a very normal game with Crystal Maiden. I did my best for my team. Please don't flame me.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Or just want to insult me until a uninstall DOTA 2 and play LoL? Comment them below!

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