Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Dazzle Support | Tryhard Supporting to End the Losing Streak

Time to go full-on tryhard. Why? Because this game will break or continue my 5-game losing streak. The Dota 2 gods just really don't want me to escape the 2k bracket.

Watch the video here:

Right after the bounty rune spawn, a Tidehunter decided to pass by a 4-man bounty secure team. Well, he paid dearly for thinking he'd escape from that.

Basically just did support things. Babysat a safelane Spectre against a Winter Wyvern and Tidehunter duo. As I wanted the Spectre to get some good starting farm, I decided to stay within the lane to harass the opposing heroes, just so they won't have any ideas of killing Spectre.

Rotated around the map to help in ganks while trying to get some map vision up for the team. Game was pretty close, based on kill score, by the mid game.

Although the Dire team's teamfight was clearly better than ours, we were able to outplay them and have the upper hand during the teamfights.

As the game progressed, our cores got the items they needed to siege highground. After a failed Roshan contest by the Dire team, we were able to secure the Aegis and lay siege to the bottom barracks.

From there, the game was clearly over.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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