DOTA 2 Spring Cleaning Patch Pre-Patch Analysis.


DOTA 2 will be having a patch within this week, March 23 ~ March 26, 2016, The patch will be mostly on quality-of-life features, with some patches on gameplay. See the full patchnotes here.

Watch the video here:

Here are somethings about this patch that I think are worth noting:
  • Neutral Spawn Indicators
    • This will surely be one of the most useful feature updates this patch, especially for support players who're quite new to warding. It'll help signify if a ward you're placing blocks a camp or the timing you'll need to have when you want to stack a neutral or ancient camp.
  • Camera Control Group Hotkeys
    • Another useful feature to be added to those who want to keep close tabs on what's happening throughout the map. Map position can now be set to a control group (CTRL+*desired hotkey*), and with a simple key stroke, you can take a look at what's happening, press the key twice and you're back to your hero.
  • Tower Attack Range and Target Indicator
    • When selecting a tower, you'll now be able to see how far its range is and who it's targeting. Pretty useful if you're new to the game.
  • Equipped taunts will now automatically play in-game under a variety of rare circumstances.
    • Well...This one could be entertaining.
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness not ending when dying to Ice Blast.
    • Seen this bug a few times, it's quite annoying. Glad to see they're fixing it.
  • Fixed Headshot damage going through Spell Immunity
    • Look, Sniper's getting nerfed again. lol
  • Force of Nature gives an error if there are no trees to convert
    • I really like this one. There have been a number of times I accidentally cast FoN on locations that have no trees.
  • Fixed Shadow Dance not granting passive bonuses if affected by vision spells like Amplify Damage.
    • Didn't know that this was happening when Slark gets a vision debuff, but okay. I'm thinking this buffs him?
  • Fixed Riki's Cloak and Dagger being only partially disabled by Break
    • This one really hurts Riki this coming patch. With Silver Edge being able to Break (disable passives) more this patch, Riki was one of the heroes heavily hit by this. Before, only the Agi to damage was cancelled, but now I think it cancels invisibility as well.

This patch will hit sometime this week, maybe more additions will be added--not quite sure about that. But this are the few notable ones that I think would affect gameplay. 

Want to read to full list? Click here.

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