Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Nature's Prophet Jungle | The Spam Begins

Make tress grow from nowhere, teleport anywhere, transform trees into mobile creatures, and a global ult. Be the most amazing ganker in the game, or rat the hell out of the enemy buildings. Your choice, bro.

Watch the video here:

So...This game starts my Nature's Prophet spam to get out of the 2k bracket. As to why I chose Furion, it's simply because he's mobile, and is able to push buildings really fast. And I also enjoy playing PvE and just forgetting that I have a team.

This game was pretty one-sided all throughout. Our Clinkz was able to farm well in the offlane and just snowballed so much he was able to kill any living thing that dared show itself on the map. The biggest setback we had this game was the enemy offlane Broodmother, who continuously evaded our gank attempts and was able to turn the fight around on us on multiple occasions.

But the Broodmother's efforts were in vain as the rest of her team were even weaker than her spiderlings. Their safelane Medusa wasn't able to deal out enough damage to stop our pushes and she wasn't tanky enough to receive our blows--especially Clinkz's.

Due to the weakness of Broodmother relying solely on her webs and not being mobile enough to help her team. We were able to take advantage of that fact and just kept TPs on hand in case she had the idea to push the top lane.

Because of her absence during the crucial fights, we were easily able to bring down their mid and bottom barracks, then circling around to the top lane, securing the mega-creeps. End of game.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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