Dota 2 Hero Subindex: Nature's Prophet

Sprout trees out of nowhere, make trees your minions, teleport anywhere(even the enemy fountain), and have a poor-man's Zeus' ult that hits everything you can see at the time. Oh wait, there's more, this hero can farm like there's no tomorrow--poor man's Alchemist, or a better one?

Some tips from Spicy when playing this hero, based on my experiences.

  • 6.86 [I Chose to put tips within the patches that I have experienced them on, just so I know if I should change a tip when a later patch hits]
    • Aghanim's Scepter is a double-edged sword especially if you're rushing it as a first item. Rushing it is always situational, as enemy teams will probably build crowd-control items if you're bad at microing your treants. It's amazing at the later parts of the game for pushing, and you wouldn't have to worry about giving the other team a gold boost.
    • Farm effectively by pushing a lane slightly(one or two waves) then sending your treants into the enemy team's jungle. This will increase your farm and lessen the burden you're putting on your team by pushing lanes out too far out. It also (kinda) keeps the enemy from easily clearing out your tree army. 
    • If you're teleporting in for a gank, teleport into a treeline, It'll help cover the super-obvious TP animation you have, giving the gank target no chance to retreat, REMEMBER TO SHIFT-QUEUE YOUR SPROUT!
    • If you're going to sprout yourself so you can TP out safely, maybe try going into the treeline first, if you can. Not only will the sprout hide you, the enemy will also have a harder time cutting the right trees to get to you, especially if the have no vision-giving skills.
    • Build your items according to the game situation. Phase boots and Drums are super good on Furion, just saying.
    • Don't be stingy. You're free farming a jungle with little to no contest whatsoever. Buy wards, get a quick Mekansm. You may be a rat, but be a rat who cares for the welfare of his team. Oh, and also wards help you to not get ganked. There's that.
    • LOOK AT THE MAP. Especially during the early game, it's pretty damn important to keep tabs on possible ganks, or if a Spirit Breaker, and a lot of enemy heroes, are missing and is potentially on the way to kill your leafy *ss

A list of games I have played using Nature's Prophet.

Listed in chronological order, the first being the oldest game played:

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