Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Razor Safelane | Refresher Razor is Best Razor

Why is an Aghs-Refresher Razor a strong Razor? Because you only need to stand somewhere and people die, that's why.

Watch the video here:

I may, or may not, have titled this as a click-bait. lol. I'm sorry, the only time you see the effectiveness of this build is near the end of the video. Sorry for that!

Anyway, I was supported by a Disruptor at the Dire safelane(top) against an Alchemist and Windranger duo. Getting some early kills was pretty hard since we didn't have any reliable stuns for me to fully utilize the effectiveness of my Static Link. When our mid Outworld Devourer went for a gank, we got first blood on the Alchemist, though.

I was kinda struggling to farm for most of the game since my problem with Razor is his lack of farming skills. He's basically a single damage monster who only shines at team fights when he has items to keep him alive, or in refresher's case, have so much armor reduction and damage that no one wants to come near you.

Although the enemy Anti-mage was pretty farmed, we were able to shut him down during team fights with OD and Disruptor's ult. My static link was also a factor, but I kept on using it on unimportant heroes.

After this game, I think I need to improve on using single-target skills on high-priority targets. In this game, I should've always saved my Static Link for Anti-Mage, but I kept on using it on the enemies closest to me.

Also, I think I need to improve on farming better with Razor and basic itemization to be really effective at farming the map.

Will definitely be practicing on farming better with Razor in some bot games.

Any other pointers you guys have to help me improve? Comment them below!

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