Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Clinkz Offlane | 4v5? No Problem, Kids.

Oh you think it's safe to jungle on your own? You think that wave so far away from your tower is juicy? Pew-pew-pew you're dead. Man, I need some advice on these introductory paragraphs.

Watch the video here:

Laned at the Radiant top offlane with a supporting Tusk. Last-hitting was pretty okay-ish, but going for kills was pretty risky since Clinkz is very squishy and the duo of Zeus and Bristleback can just blast you with a high amount of damage. Plus Zeus can just smite me with his lightning and see me every time.

Asked Tusk to just roam around and let me get all the exp I can. After hitting level 6, I started going to the jungle and consumed some creeps, sometimes went in for kills that I think I could take easily.

By the mid phase of the game, me and Dragon Knight were pretty formidable on team fights and quickly took care of the enemy team.

Then our Shaman decided to go AFK and we were left with 4 people against 5, with no reliable disables except for DK and Tusk's stun and Invoker's multitude of spells.

We managed to come through, though. Even though our BKB's were pretty short by the late game, the enemy team's lineup was unable to deal with our right-clicking power. The high-burst damage of Skywrath, Zeus, and Witch Doctor was a real pain.

After this game, I think I need to improve more on my decision making on team-fights. I think my itemization in this game was pretty good, Orchid Malevolence would've been a great alternative to Desolator, but at the time I was thinking that the Bristleback would be hard to deal with later on.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Or maybe an insult to bring me down? Comment them below!

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