Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Sandking Mid | Everything's Calculated

The climb to get out of the 2k MMR bracket continues, this time I'm playing mid with Sandking. Every move I make is calculated, every stun, every ult, every movement. THIS. IS. 2K MMR. SPICY. This intro made no sense.

Watch the video here:

Was supposed to play offlane, but because this is 2k MMR, no one picked a decent mid hero. Luckily enough, I was laned against a Pudge who kept on missing his hooks and, I think, was so frustrated that he kept on making silly moves to try to kill me. One of his attempts turned on him and I got first blood.

I tried to be as active as I possibly can and ganked on every lane possible. Kept my map awareness on try-hard mode to be able to help when someone's being ganked.

Team played well and we eventually got the W.

After this game I think I need to improve on my aggressiveness in the mid lane. There were multiple chances for me to harass the Pudge out of lane, maybe even kill him. But I kept on being on the defensive. Didn't miss a lot of my stuns, which is a good thing. Also, you'll probably notice that I didn't pre-cast my ultimate before going in. As to why that's the case, maybe I'm too noob to do that or I just valued my stun more. Think whatever.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Insults, maybe? Comment them below!

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