Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Chen Jungle Support | The Road to 3k MMR

The road to 3k MMR begins with this game, after falling down to 2.4k and doing my god damn best to get out of this toxic 2k bracket, I'm finally back up to 2.5k, gonna start trying hard every game to get to at least 3k.

Watch the video here:

Well...Didn't do much during the laning phase. I need to change that. Stayed in the jungle until I had some items that could help the team out during team-fights.

I opted to get Vlad's and Drums because Outworld Devourer and Wraith King both rely on right-clicks to dish out heavy damage. The movement and attack speed aura from the drums boosts just that and the Vlad's was mainly for OD to have some lifesteal--Yeah, I totally forgot Wraith King already gives lifesteal, it's still good to have, though.

After this game, I need to practice more on my micro skills. I had a hard time cycling through my creep army and use the disable I want. I was also, evidently, doing nothing while I cycle through my creeps, which needs to change, too.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Comment them below!

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