Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Shadow Fiend Mid | Didn't F*ck up Mid, It was a Good day.

Get souls, hit stuff, get more souls, Raze down scrubs, get items, right-click scrubs down. Easy. I need to think of better intros, seriously.

Watch the video here:

Solo'd mid against a Dragon Knight. Mid was pretty much a stalemate except for me forcing him to go back to base because he tends to eat my Razes a lot. DK played pretty defensively, as well as myself, which made mid basically a farming match. Wave gets close to tower, I raze it down, it gets close to his, he Dragon Fires and brings the wave down.

After getting my Eul's, I started to look for opportunities to get kills. Managed to get some, but my lack of item progression turned against me as I am always stunned to oblivion at every team fight. The main reason I went for Assault Cuirass before Black King Bar was to basically get tankier with armor, and to synergize its armor reduction aura with SF's passive.

Luckily, team was very nice and made good decisions to push or to back-off--except on a few plays.

With this game, I think I need to improve upon my map movement and how I can farm better and faster. Not just with Shadow Fiend, but other heroes as well. I think I also need to be more decisive when picking the items I want to build into. Eul's was okay this game because I was thinking of Juggernaut's Omnislash if I was ever caught out of position. It also gave me some mana-sustain when I needed to farm.

I probably should've followed it up with a BKB since the enemy team had a lot of single target stuns, but none that would bypass BKB--maybe Necrophos' ult? Not too sure about that.

I'm going to try to improve myself more after this game, and reflect upon the bad things I did after posting a game.

Would appreciate any tips from you guys to improve my game, insults are accepted, too. Comment them below!

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