Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Wraith King Jungle | Hit stuff with Brown Boots

No mobility? Just Brown boots? No Problem. Go try to run around and hit stuff, doesn't matter if you get kited. YOU. KEEP. MOVING.

Watch the video here:

I started this game off with the hopes of soloing the offlane, or atleast be supported by a partner, but because I am a 2.5k Party MMR player in the 3k bracket, A Mirana came to the lane and tried to compete with last-hitting with me, I was getting most of the last hits, though. But because of our failed attempt to kill the enemy Lion, I was forced to just go jungle.

Went for a Radiance as my first item so I could just run around and damage stuff even when being kited. I was supposed to get a Blink Dagger or some movement stuff, but because there was a Magnus and a Vengeful Spirit, both of whom have reliable stuns, I just went for damage and defensive items.

Itemization was okay, I guess? I didn't bother escaping when caught out of position as I had nothing but brown boots. I went with Blade Mail as the second item, because the enemy team had mostly right-click heroes, I want them to regret hitting me.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Insults, maybe? Comment them below!

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