Spicy Spectates DOTA 2 PROS | OG vs Fnatic Game 3 | DJ Chen, Miracle Anti-Mage Shutdown

With each team having one game each, OG and Fnatic come into this do-or-die game with OG holding the clear morale advantage having the game 2 win. Will Fnatic be able to close OG out? Or will the defending Frankfurt Major champions fall to the underdog SEA-based squad?

Watch the video here:

Fnatic's Picks:

  • SPECTRE - Mushi
  • CHEN - DJ
  • NYX ASSASSIN - Ohaiyo

OG's Picks:
  • PUGNA - Fly
  • ANTI-MAGE - Miracle
  • BATRIDER - Moon
  • ZEUS - N0tail

DJ was once again a very-prominent presence in the early phase of the game, as a Chen, he managed to get the first blood to over-extending Moon Batrider. But before this, he was harassing down Miracle's Antimage with a Satyr Big creep, burning off Anti-mage's regen items very quickly and giving Ohaiyo an advantage on his solo offlane.

At the 4-minute rune spawn, Ohaiyo's Nyx Assassin was able to get a two-man stun on Cr1t's Earth Spirit and N0tail's Zeus, then running down Cr1t as he fell on auto-attacks and one more Impale stun.

2 minutes after, Cr1t gave off another kill to Mushi's Spectre, while Fly's Pugna fell down to an amazingly playing Ohaiyo.

Ohaiyo displayed his skills in this do-or-die game as he initiated on ganks over and over again, killing Earth Spirit while he was attempting to defend bot, and using a blink dagger to initiate on an unknowing Zeus.

Although OG were able to somehow get their first two-kills of the game behind Moon's Lasso of MidOne, finishing off the Chen and Nyx Assassin, their main target was sent back by Chen in time.

Shortly after these kills, though, Fnatic punished the pushing OG and got both OG Supports of Fly and Cr1t down. Followed by N0tail's Zeus who stuck around at the mid lane to defend their tier one.

The duo of Outworld Devourer and Nyx Assassin were too much for Miracle as he was ganked over and over again, slowing down his farm and adding more power to the already steam-rolling Fnatic squad.

At the 24 minute mark, with a kill score of 21-3 in favor of Fnatic, it was very evident that OG weren't able to fight them any longer. Fnatic began to sieged their highground while Miracle used this time to push a lane and gain some badly needed farm.

With a farmed-up Mushi Spectre, OG were no longer able to hold-off the Southeast-Asia based squad and were force to call out a GG 29 minutes into the game, with a kill score of 29 and 4.

The defending Frankfurt Major champions, OG, are forced to say goodbye to their hopes of winning another DOTA 2 Major, while Fnatic, who had a poor performance in the prior majors and were underdogs in this series, were able to prove that they had the skill to keep their hopes alive.

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