Spicy Spectates a DOTA 2 Pro Match | Liquid vs. Alliance Game 3 Shanghai Majors

The third game in the best of three series between Liquid and Alliance at the Shanghai Majors quarter finals. With both team winning 1 game a piece, this game decides which one enters the upper bracket semi-finals.

Watch the video here:

Team Liquid drafted:

  • Night Stalker - Kuroky
  • Invoker - FATA
  • Rubick - Jerax
  • Nature's Propher - Mind Control
  • Anti-mage - Matumbaman
Whilst, Alliance drafted:
  • Puck - S4
  • Witch Doctor - Akke
  • Naga Siren - LODA
  • Spirit Breaker - EGM
  • Beastmaster - Admiral Bulldog

In the laning phase, EGM and Bulldog managed to get two consecutive kills against Mind Control's Nature's Prophet. Giving Bulldog more exp and gold in this offlane 1v1 matchup. While at mid, S4's Puck and FATA's Invoker were virtually at a stalemate except for when S4 got out of position and got ganked by Kuroky's Night Stalker. Although, FATA and Kuroky weren't able to secure this kill because of the dream coil, Luckily, Mind control was able to TP in and extinguish the TPing Puck

At the bot lane, It started out as a Tri-lane against Tri-lane, with Anti-mage being protected by Night Stalker and Rubick, while Naga was supported by Spirit Breaker and Witch Doctor. Nothing of note was able to happen in this lane, as bot carries were able to farm-up and be very prominent during the mid and late stages of the game.

I think that the one flaw the Alliance made, was not being able to hunt down or slow down Anti-mages farm. At the end of the game, Matumbaman managed, not only to not die, but also gain enough farm to render the Naga Siren useless.

By the late game, Alliance weren't able to hold off the Liquid Express and were force to call out a GG.

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