Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Bloodseeker Offlane

Rupture, chase, right-click. Make enemies bleed, smell their blood, become a race car. Oh, and also have a great lane-sustaining skill.

Watch the video here:

Started out soloing the Dire offlane(bot) against an Anti-mage with a supporting Slardar. I wasn't confident enough to go for last hit on creeps because of Slardar's stun, so I kept my distance and just waited for the creeps to be close enough to my tower before last-hitting. While waiting, I fully utilize the secret shop hard camp, giving me quite a bit of exp and gold.

After hitting level 6, Anti-mage had no escape from me, and with the Earthshaker cancelling his TP attempt, the kill was just way too easy.

Our team didn't need to farm-up for too long, once we started pushing a tower, we quickly managed to break down all of their tier 2s. After a short time of, once again, farming, we made the GG push and the enemy team just couldn't do anything about it.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Want to throw out some insults, maybe? Go ahead, comment them below!

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