Spicy Spectates a DOTA 2 Pro Match | Liquid vs MVP | Shanghai Majors Upper Bracket Semi-finals 2016

The first game in a best of three series in the upper bracket semi-finals between Team Liquid and MVP. The winner of this series heads straight to the Upper Bracket finals facing the winner between EG and Secret.

Watch the video here:


Team Liquid:

  • Treant Protector - Kuroky
  • Invoker - FATA
  • Tusk - Jerax
  • Nature's Propher - Mind Control
  • Gyrocopter - Matumbaman
  • Phantom Assassin - QO
  • Juggernaut - Febby
  • Lone Druid - Forev
  • Doom - MP
  • Ogre Magi - Dubu

With the picks locked, the game had a slow start, with no kills happening during the first 4 minutes. But when the tri-lane vs tri-lane on bot went for the 4-minute rune, a fight ensued. Causing Jerax's Tusk to sacrifice himself for their safelane Gyrocopter, giving first blood to Forev's Lone Druid.

Shortly after Tusk's fall, Jerax rotated to the top lane looking for a kill on MP's Doom.Along with Treant, Nature's Prophet, and Invoker's global nuke, sunstrike, they were able to secure the kill as quickly as they went in.

Jerax and Kuroky roamed around the map and went on the aggressive, going for QO's Phantom Assassin. But MVP was quick to react, TPing mid as soon as Tusk initiated on the Phantom Assassin. Although QO survived, the responding Juggernaut and Dubu's Ogre Magi fell to Liquid's aggressive ganking. But before they were able to disengage, Jerax got caught in the Dire's tier 2 mid tower and was quickly brought down by Phantom Assassin.

As all that was happening, Doom was quickly making his way down from the top lane to the mid, whilst Lone Druid came in from the bottom lane. MP managed to get off a Doom on FATA's Invoker, which made him fall. With their advantage in numbers, they ran down Mind Control, giving QO two-kills, turning the gank towards MVP's favor.

As the game progressed, Liquid managed to keep ganks active and because of their aggressiveness and their lineup's pushing capabilities, they were quickly able to go highground and get two lanes of barracks in one attempt. 

MVP was unable to stop Liquid's assault and were forced to call out a GG after 17 minutes of play.

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