Spicy Plays DOTA 2 | Naga Siren Safelane Carry

Seriously, whenever I play this hero, I am never with my team. I will always farm for most of the game. Whenever I'm ready to fight, the game just ends.

Watch the video here:

Well, here's what happened in the most detailed way I can possible describe it. I was laned at Dire safelane with an Earthshaker against an Invoker and a Slardar. Lane was pretty okay, was able to get some farm for starting items before going for Radiance. A few ganks here and there, and a death because of carelessness.

After having the necessary items I needed to go around the map and spam my illusions and 3rd skill to farm, I just ignored my team's flames and insults, or none thereof, and continued to farm until I was ready.

Luckily, the only setback they had while team-fighting with the enemy was the mid Phantom Assassin. While they were fighting, though, I was all around the map pushing every lane I possibly can -- none of them noticed what I was doing, maybe because I am at the 2k MMR bracket and pushing doesn't really mean sh*t.

After some time, my team began to blame my absence during the teamfights, and because I was pressured to join them. I went full retard and just use my ultimate in a suicidal fashion, going in deep into the enemy's base and letting my team take advantage of the confusion that followed. Fortunately, they took the chance of killing enemies one by one inside their base.

Quickly after dying, I bought back and continued to rat down their lanes. It was easy enough because all tier 2 towers were down and tier 3 towers were somewhat half-health or close to breaking.

From thereon, it was just a matter of time before winning.

I made this description longer just so I don't look like I did absolutely nothing during that game.

Any tips for me to improve my game? Insults? Delete DOTA 2? Comment them below!

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