Plague Inc. General Scenario Guide (Casual, Normal, Brutal) [Submitted by Neurax Lover]

This guide has been written and submitted by Neurax Lover. Submit your own guide to us now via our submit section or by sending them directly to yoitsspicy@yahoo.com.ph.

What this guide is helping you with: Get 3 casual biohazards, 2 Normal Biohazards and 1 or 2 Brutal Biohazards on all scenarios except for the pathogen (Black Death, Santa's Little Helper, etc.) scenarios and the Artificial Organs Scenario.

Now I know my guide isn't perfect but In my opinion it has helped a lot and I think it will help you. Firstly I would like to say that this guide uses the Neurax Worm and it's Trojan Planes ability. This means that you can get a quick game and not worry about missing Greenland etc. If any of you can increase the score please say in the comments. I would also like to say before we start that I suggest setting a name for your pathogens, since you will use a lot of Neurax Worms and it might be hard to make a name for each one of them. An example of a name is Mind 1.00. I am up to Mind 1.50.

Note: This strategy doesn't work as well in the Climate change scenarios as it doesn't spread quickly enough to get 2 Brutal biohazards and possibly 2 Normal biohazards

Just before I start with the walkthrough/guide I'll give you 2 tips

1. Start by infecting the islands with the Trojan planes and then send Trojan planes to the country that is doing the most cure research.

2. If you run out of symptoms to evolve, start sabotaging the cure by using Genetic Reshuffles

Islands to infect

Papua New Guinea

These islands are likely to already be infected but do these first otherwise:

New Zealand

This is the genetic code I used for each of my games. I will try to explain my choice as best I can.

1. Metabolic Jump - This is so we have an excess of DNA so as to be able to buy Genetic ReShuffles at the end.

2. Aerocyte - This is because Saudi Arabia. If this is the climate change scenarios or the Volcanic Ash scenario, insert the Aquacyte gene instead. If this is Unknown Origin, insert the Native Biome gene

3. Sympto-Stasis - Most of the evolutions will be in the Symptoms tab so this will give us the highest bonus

4. Genetic Mimic - This is so we get our score as high as possible, you can get a really high score if you keep your cure less than 5% (I've got it down to 4% using this method)

5. Extemophile - This is because it adds a small bonus to all environments (This must be Extremophile on the Unknown Origin scenario). If you find that using Xerophile etc, is better you can change it and then, if possible, please say in the comments.

I hope I explained myself as best as you needed. Now I will start the guide properly.

Start off in Saudi Arabia unless in the climate change scenarios or the Volcanic Ash scenario. If so, start in China.

We will start off with transmissions since if some sterilisation event or something happens, you can defend against it.

1. Eggs 1
2. Concertina Locomotion
3. Undulatory Locomotion

If an air sterilisation even happens (unless in Volcanic Ash) evolve Air 1 as soon as possible. You can decide to evolve Water 1 if this happens and you think you should.

Now I will start on the Abilities and start by getting the Trojan Planes Ability

1. Trojan Planes 1
2. Trojan Planes 2
3. Trojan Destroyers 1 - This helps sabotage the cure.
4. Trojan Destroyers 2
5. Trojan Roamers 1
6. Trojan Roamers 2
7. Trojan Planes 3

If you got a Trojan Plane in this time look at my tips section for suggestions on what to do with them.

Once you have evolved these Abilities, we will get a cold resistance since we started in Saudi Arabia. If you started in China because of the Volcanic Ash, only get one cold resistance and get one heat resistance, if it is for the global warming scenarios, get both cold and heat 1 plus one of the opposite temperature (eg. if it is the Ice Age scenario, you want to upgrade heat)

1. Cold 1
2. Cold 2 - Change to Heat 1 if in Volcanic Ash
3. Cold/Heat 2 - Depending which climate change scenario you are in. Don't do this at all if you aren't in either scenarios

Now that we have done all these abilities you should have been spotted. This is where you start evolving symptoms. I will put each of these groups of symptoms into a symptom 'Branch' since there is many different combinations to do depending on which scenario/difficulty you are in.

1. Neural Breach, Cerebral Tendrils, Frontal Mesh - This is the starting group to allow you access to other branches

2. Confusion, Memory Loss, Aneurysm, Aphasia, Coma, Apraxia - This is the cure sabotaging branch

3. Immaturity, Mania, Aggresion, Insanity - This is the first infection branch

4. Perceptive Jolt, Occipital Mesh, Akinetopsia, Hallucinations, Schizophrenia - This is the second infection branch

5. Blindness, Cognitive Scrambling, Perceptive Shift - This is what I call a severity branch since it has a high severity and the lowest infectivity. Note: Severity increases the DNA earned

6. Adrenergic Constriction, Anxiolytic Infusion, Psychosis, Adoration, Devotion, Transcendence - This is the cure destruction method used half-way through the game, this means you do not have to kill people.

7. Despair, Suicide, Acute Encephalitis, Brain Haemorrhage - This is the lethal branch. Never evolve these until the end and then only if you are trying to get the Worm Food achievement.

The last symptom is Obsession. It regularly mutates but usually ends up being something about avoiding/curing the Neurax Worm so I suggest devolving it whenever it evolves.

Now that I have set up these symptom branches I'll get on with saying which order they go in.

For Brutal difficulty and the Climate change scenarios use this combo:

5 (Only if you have a HUGE excess of DNA)

For all other scenarios (I think):

5 (Only if you have a HUGE excess of DNA)

As soon as you have done this just do this next part and you are done

Drug Resistance 1
Genetic Hardening 1
Genetic Reshuffle 1
Genetic Reshuffle 2
Genetic Reshuffle 3
Genetic Hardening 2

After this you just wait. You will be getting Trojan Planes now. I suggest looking at the Cure tab in World (Bottom Right) every time, to see which country to send your Trojan Planes to.

I hope this strategy has helped you get nearly all the achievements for completing the scenarios with a 3/3 biohazard and/or get a large score in the Normal Neurax Worm. If you have any tweaks you would like to say, please say 

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