Tree of Savior : Novaha Annex Map Collection | Treasure Chest Location and Drop Information

Treasure chest location and item drop information on Tree of Savior's Novaha Annex map collection.


The chest containing Novaha Annex's map collection is somewhat hidden in the leftmost room of Apega State Chamber. It is in the bottom-right corner of the room and is covered by a column, making it pretty hard to see.

Item Collection and Drop Information:

The items needed for the completion of this collection is as follows:
  • Shamshir - Dropped by Lapfighter
  • Rokas Bow - Dropped by Lapezard
  • Claymore - Dropped by Crocoman
  • Minos Bones - Dropped by Minos
  • Varnalesa - Dropped by Raflower
The items drop at a pretty decent rate, as long as you have the patience to keep rotating and killing monsters. It's far more efficient to rotate around the entire map rather than staying in a static location.

Watch my video about this collection here!

Anything I've missed, or want to give some tips? Comment them below!

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