Tree of Savior | Farming the Tanu Flower

Want some basic info on farming this item? If you're googling this, you're probably just bored from killing 9 billion green walnuts, I mean Tanus, so just read on and maybe you'll learn something new. Big "maybe" on learning something new.

Watch the video here!

Okay, where to start.

This horrible-to-farm item is used for two things (Three if you want to count the unfound collection).

  1. Monster Specimen Set - Gives +1 to Strength and Int
  2. Veja Ravine Collection - Gives +2 to Magic Attack
  3. A collection no one has found yet.
As you can see, it has no other use besides completing collections, but it's an extreme pain in the ass to farm. It's a LITTLE useful for magic-based classes, mega emphasis on little.

Next, which monster drops this amazing leaf. Answer: TANU
I purposely used, and enlarged this image, to point out that I had to kill 12 thousand Tanus before getting 2 Tanu Leaves. Also, I got the monster gem before I got the first leaf drop. AMAZING!

More info!

This monster spawns in one area:
Veja Ravine's Zvelgian Vacant Lot. Here and only here does these green walnut-like things spawn. Also take note that they:
  • Spawn 10 at a time.
  • Have a respawn cooldown of 1 minute and 30 seconds (or something close to that).

Now that we have the most basic info out of the way, let's begin giving out tips! YAY!
  1. First and most useful tip, CHANNEL JUMPING. If you want to be super-efficient with kills and make the most out of the time you're already wasting hunting this item. You better channel surf as much as you can. Why? Because there's a 1 minute and 30 second respawn cooldown before the next wave of Tanu appears, so go on and jump on every channel to hatefully slaughter every Tanu you see. Or you can just casually stay and wait, 
  2. From this point on, none of the tips I give will matter. Seriously, there's nothing special about these dumb green Brussels sprouts.
  3. Do not get salty on newbie players passing through to finish the quest. Bro, you're in a level 40 map. People are always going to pass by here. Chill.
  4. You can make some decent silver while farming these monsters. Get Acolyte Robes, and Uburu Staves, sell them, profit, then return to mindlessly bludgeoning, striking, slashing, shooting, these ugly vegetables.
  5. Don't burn yourself out. I spent weeks coming back and forth for these monsters. Don't spend too much time hunting, you'll just end up hating the game more than you already do.

Any other super amazing tips you guys can give? Leave them at the comment section below. I'll also try my best to answer any questions you amazing revelators may have. Now, onto the next hell of hunting a rare item!

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