Plague Inc. Evolved Neurax Worm Mega-Brutal Guide (Eradication) [Submitted Guide]

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Neurax Worm Mega Brutal Guide (Eradication)

Hello everyone!This guide will teach you how to eradicate humanity with the Neurax Worm on Mega Brutal.This Guide will around 400 days to kill everyone.

Select these genes:

ATP Boost - Nice DNA points at the start 

Genetic Mimic - To mess with those scientists

Aerocyte - Perfect for our starting country,Saudi Arabia 

Extremophile - Nice bonuses from all countries

Sympto-stasis - Our main focus is on symptoms because later in the game, we absolutely need them to kill people

Start in Saudi Arabia

Evolve in the following transmissions in this order:

.Concertina Locomotion (2)
.Undulatory Locomotion (3)
.Air 1 (8)
.Water 1 (10)
.Air 2 (15)
.Water 2 (18)
.Air 3 (24)
.Genetic Swap (9)
.Corpse Feeder 1 (9)
.Corpse Feeder 2 (12)

Go to symptoms and evolve in this order:

.Neural Breach (1)
.Cerebral Tendrils (2)
.Adrenergic Constriction (3)
.Anxiolytic Infusion (4)
.Psychosis (5)
.Frontal Mesh (1)
.Immaturity (7)
.Mania (7)
.Aggression (9)
.Confusion (4)
.Memory Loss (6)
.Aneurysm (2)

Evolve the following abilities:

.Drug Resistance 1 (11)
.Cold 1 (7)
.Drug Resistance 2 (27)
.Cold 2 (12)
.Trojan Planes 1 (7)

Use your trojan planes towards any uninfected Island.If there are still uninfected mainland countries (Norway or Morocco as an example), Evolve the following transmissions:

.Eggs 1 (15)
.Bird 1 (27)
.Bird 2 (38)

Wait until a considerable amount of people are infected
and evolve the following symptoms:

.Despair (6)
.Suicide (43)
.Acute Encephalitis (45)

Even though you pretty much are done, it would be wise to evolve the following abilities :

.Genetic Reshuffle 1 (24)
.Genetic Reshuffle 2 (30)
.Genetic Reshuffle 3 (35)

You will end up getting 4 biohazards and the cure will be anywhere form 60% to around 75%.

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