Plague Inc. Evolved : Fungus Mega-Brutal Guide [Submitted]

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Fungus Mega Brutal Guide
Today I will show you how to beat the fungus on Mega Brutal.

Gene Selection:

.Catalytic Switch -You need DNA from cure bubbles to help you when you are evolving Total Organ Failure.

.Darwinist- I think using darwinist is the best way to go with the Fungus because if you spend all your DNA points on transmissions and abilities on a game with genetic mimic,
you will get cured.Even though this doesn't happen in my games,
I would strongly recommend this gene.

Suppression-You need this gene cause later in the game,a lot of countries will shut down their land boarders so you can reduce the number of countries you need to infect.

Extremophile-Nice bonuses in all countries,why not?

Patho-Stasis-If you play the fungus without patho-stasis, the spore bursts will increase by 1 DNA each time you evolve them.So yeah,Would you like to spend 78 DNA for 12 spore bursts(not including spore eruptions and hardening)?Also, Genetic Drift.

Start in Central America - I choose this place because of its location between North and South America to make this game less random.

First evolve these symptoms in this order:

  • .Rash (3)
  • .Sweating (4)
  • .Skin Lesions (10)

Next evolve evolve 6 spore bursts (1 each) and then evolve the following ability:

  • .Spore Eruption (2)

I wouldn't recommend evolving more spore ability than that at this point of the game, but DO NOT evolve all your spore abilities YET as it is too random and cannot be relied upon.

Evolve the following transmissions:

  • .Bird 1 (7)
  • .Water 1 (8)
  • .Bird 2 (9)
  • .Water 2 (15)

*If you get a message saying that air planes are getting new filters you can evolve Air 1(12) if you want to but it still works without it.

Evolve the following abilities:
  • .Cold Resistance 1 (7)
  • .Drug Resistance 1 (11)
  • .Cold Resistance 2 (12)
  • .Drug Resistance 2 (25)

Now go to symptoms and evolve:
  • .Fever (12)
  • .Immune suppression (16)
  • .Total Organ Failure (36)

*If Necrosis mutates,leave it.But if Hemorrhagic Shock mutates when there is still countries to infect, devolve it.

Go back to abilities and evolve:
  • .Heat 1 (12)
  • .Heat 2 (24)
  • .Environmental Hardening (36)

Now to beat up the cure but with these symptoms: 
  • .Insomnia (11)
  • .Paranoia (14)
  • .Seizures (15)
  • .Insanity (30)
  • .Inflammation (17)
  • .Paralysis (23)
  • .Coma (36)

Look on the map for any uninfected countries and use your other half of your spore bursts (Still 1 each) and Spore Eruption (2)
ONLY IF there are 10 OR LESS countries to infect.If more, restart.
But keep in mind that sometimes spore eruptions generate a random number of countries that get infected (1 to 4).So the less,the more likely the success

Lastly Evolve:

  • .Genetic Reshuffle 1 (17)
  • .Genetic Reshuffle 2 (21)
  • .Genetic Reshuffle 3 (25)

Congratulations, if the last part went went well for you,
you got 4 biohazards the cure was anywhere from 40%-60%,and it took around 500 days,sometimes less depending upon which countries you infect (like the Islands).

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