Plague Inc. Evolved | Parasite Mega-Brutal Guide (3~4 Biohazards) Submitted

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Parasite Mega-Brutal Guide
Ever stressed out about not beating the parasite on mega- brutal? Well today I have an effective guide for you to help beat this disease on mega brutal.The best part is the fact that you don't need any genes and it's fairly quick.

Genetic Code:

Step 1.)

Start in Saudi Arabia.

  • Start here because you want to infect as many countries as you possibly can with airplanes

Step 2.) 
Evolve the Following symptoms:
  • Coughing (4)
  • Pneumonia (4) - efficient for cold countries and close to Total Organ Failure
  • Insomnia (4) -helps slow down the cure
  • Paranoia (7) -also helps slow down the cure.

Step 3)
Evolve the following transmissions:
  • Air 1 (9)
  • Water 1 (10) 
  • Air 2 (16)
  • Water 2 (18)
  • Extreme Bioaerosol (20)
Step 4)
Evolve the following abilities:
  • Drug Resistance 1 (11)
  • Cold Resistance 1 (8)
  • Drug Resistance 2 (27)
  • Cold Resistance 2 (15)

Step 5)
Evolve these 3 symptoms:
  • Rash (7)
  • Sweating (8)
  • Skin Lesions (14)

Step 6)
Wait until all the islands are infected.

Step 7)
Quickly evolve:
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis (17)
  • Total Organ Failure (cost is dependent on how many people you infect.I would say around 30 DNA points )
  • Necrosis (Same thing as total organ failure.I have had games where it is 41 DNA points)

Step 8)
Evolve the 3 genetic reshuffles and keep an eye on the aggressive cure.

Step 9)

Watch the world crumble but keep an eye on the DEAD numbers

Congratulations, if you did this correctly and the conditions are right,you beat it.More likely or not you will earn a score of 3 biohazards, sometimes 4 if you are real lucky.

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