Plague Inc. Shadow Plague Casual Guide | Gene Unlock Strategy

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 Plague Inc. Shadow Plague Casual Gene Unlock

In this mode, your goal is to infect the world with the Shadow Plague emitted from your vampire while also battling Templar Industries, who hunt your vampires, and the WHO, who try to find a cure for the Shadow Plague. This mode can be easily done without any of the Shadow Plague genes 

This method involves infecting countries with the vampire and constructing 4 strategically placed lairs around the world. Lairs double up as DNA generators as well as transporters when you evolve Shadow Portal as this lets you instantly teleport to a lair. 

One thing to note is during flight, the destination you select is exactly where your vampire ends up. This means that for large countries such as China or Brazil, you may end up needing to fly 2 times in order to get across if you picked a poor initial landing area.

This method is not for setting a high-score, but for rushing a completion to unlock genes. My score ranges from 2000-10000 and is always 2-3 biohazards, but it does finish in less than 600 days each time 
  • Take Teracyte and Extremophile for genes
    • We are mainly using the vampire to infect, so Teracyte helps in spreading between closely packed countries
    • Extremophile is just a good gene overall 
  • Start in China
    • Pick somewhere close to India, due to the flight rule above 
  • Evolve Shadow Blessing, Blood Gift, Dark Cloud, Shadow Trail, Corrupted Air
  • Evolve Therianthropy ASAP
  • Wait for the message “Vampire feeding attracts attention in China”, then fly to India
  • Evolve Night Wraith then evolve Lair when you have enough points
  • Construct the first lair in India
  • Fly to Saudi Arabia, and wait for a lot of red bubbles to pop up around, then fly to Central Africa
  • Construct the second lair in Central Africa
  • Evolve Travel Speed 1, then fly to Morocco
  • Evolve Travel Speed 2, then fly to Brazil
    • Depending on where you positioned yourself in Morocco, you could make this flight on Travel Speed 1 only
  • Construct the third lair in Brazil
  • Fly to USA, then wait for Canada and Mexico to be infected
  • Fly to these countries in the following order:
    • Greenland
    • Iceland
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Ukraine 
    • Turkey
  • While on this journey, evolve Shadow Portal, then Nocturnal, Anaemia, Pallor, Weeping Sores, Hyperdontia, Jugular Bite and Shadow Slaves
  • Fly to Australia and construct the fourth lair there
  • Now fly to the surrounding Oceanic countries (New Zealand, New Guinea, Indonesia etc.) and keep collecting DNA
    • When you have enough, evolve Blood Rage
  • By now, you should see Cure Labs pop up around the world, shown in blue borders with a blue flask, or potential Labs with a grey border/flask. We’ll ignore them for now. 
  • When the message “Templar Industries deem *disease name* a threat”, evolve Vampiric Awakening ASAP
  • Keep collecting DNA, and evolve Lair Healing 1 then Adrenal Surge
  • When you see the message “Templar Industries activate military protocols”, you’ll see countries with a little castle icon in them. 
  • Our top priority is to destroy these countries, by flying to them and then using the Blood Rage active ability in that country
  • Your vampire will go into combat with Templar, shown by a depletion of the colour (HP) of both icons 
  • As you get more DNA, evolve Lair Healing 2, Dark Infiltration, Shadow Blades and Demonic Fury
  • Around this time, you’ll also get a second vampire indicated by the message “New vampire created in *random country*”. Fly this vampire to any of the lairs and let it heal up.
  • When your vampire(s) are fully healed, fly them to each of the Templar countries and start destroying them with Blood Rage
  • Remember to fly them back to a lair after destroying a Templar country to let them heal up
    • In the rare case that your vampire is losing a fight (a message will pop up saying the vampire is close to dying), fly back to a lair, heal up and then go back into the fight. You’ll heal much faster than Templar will. 
  • During this fighting period, drones will also start targeting lairs. To stop this, send one vampire back to the lair the drone is targeting (it will start circling a country) and then use Blood Rage to destroy it 
  • When the last Templar country is destroyed, the message “Templar forces eradicated” will pop up 
  • Now all that remains is to target the countries with Cure Labs and destroy them using Blood Rage. This is much easier as there will be nothing to fight your vampire
  • When the last lab is destroyed, the message “WHO Lab initiative collapses” will show up
  • The last thing to do is to infect the world population with the Shadow Plague
    • Fly your vampires to any uninfected countries and then use Blood Rage to quickly infect everyone. This can also be done on countries with minimal infected population to speed up the process 

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