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It's been two years since I read the first five books of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. I enjoyed reading every single book, every single chapter, maybe even every page. To be honest, I only thought of reading the books because of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. I liked the show so much I bought the book, and now I love the books more. More gore, more wars, more deaths, more everything.

Even though I already know what's going to happen next in the TV series, I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't already read the book. I highly recommend you read the books though, there's so much more things you'll know about each character.

I already read the recently released "teaser" chapter for winds of winter. For those of you who haven't, you could easily find it through google. It's an Arya chapter and reading it just made me want to make Mr. Martin write faster and finish the goddamn book. I read somewhere that his books, particularly the Song of Ice and Fire Series, were released years apart. The longest I think was 5 years? I'm not entirely sure though.

Every time I watch the show, already at its 4th season, I keep thinking when the 5th book would be finished. The events of the show are quickly catching up on the books, the purple wedding already happened. For the King Joffrey haters(myself included) hurray! But that's not the only good thing that'll happen this season. Again, I won't spoil, I want to but I won't.

It's already been 2 maybe 3 years since Dance with Dragons was released right? I keep hoping Winds of Winter would be released this year or maybe early 2015. I can't wait to read about what happens next to my  favorite character(s). The only one I really root for is Tyrion--gotta love the intelligent imp. I also can't wait to read about the next death. Which beloved character would be beheaded, gutted, castrated, raped, or whatever this time.

Because of my excitement, every time I think about Game of Thrones I immediately open up google and search for news about the upcoming book. Only to be disappointed by the same updates. Perfection does take time and I understand that. I really just can't wait for the book. Okay, enough of this now. Back to writing some guides.

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