Aura Kingdom Journal: Day 1: What the Hell am I doing?

Let's start this journal with a famous cliche, shall we? The Journey begins!

After logging in, selecting a server, and creating my character, weirdtomb(I have no idea why I chose this name), I am forced into a world that's engulfed in flames and seems to be a staging area for an on-going battle. My server is Siren by the way, if any of you would like to know. I'll be honest, the user interface really confused me when I started. I had no idea which thing does this or that. The first thing I was able to do was move with WASD, which I think is now the most popular movement choice for every PC based MMORPG.

After a few minutes of confusion, I was finally able to figure out where I'm supposed to go and what I'm supposed to do. This game has an auto-path system for quest, meaning you just click on the quest requirement and it'll automatically take you to where you have to be. I like games with this system, running around in huge maps looking for NPCs really isn't my thing.

Moving on, I'm taken to some soldier that tells me I need to catch up with commander what's his name and defeat evil monsters. Hurray for generic story lines? I do what I'm told, killing huge beasts along the way and was finally able to regroup with my "commander". At this point, I was again confused. Am I really starting out with high HP and overpowered damage? But being reminded of the several MMORPGs I've already played, It was pretty obvious that this was a story line event that I needed to see. I never understood what I was doing, I skipped dialogues and just did what I had to do.

Fast forward a bit, I'm now engaged with a fight with what seems to be a hero turned villain? I didn't read anything, I skipped reading quests, remember? Basically, what happened was the guy injured the commander, he gave me this companion thing, I defeated the guy, apparently it was his illusion, jedi-choked me in midair, and made me black out. Next thing I know, a movie plays and all the cool looking armor I had turned into ragged clothes and a wooden sword and shield. This is where the real journey starts. I think.

Okay, now I'm in a quiet town and I think I went from being an awesome soldier to a delivery boy. If I understood the story correctly though, I think I was transported into another dimension. If you're confused, don't worry you're not the only one.

Basic MMORPG stuff at this point. Mostly delivery quests and talking to a ton of NPCs leading into the slaughter of innocent-looking creatures that did nothing to you. Well it is an MMORPG, and in RPGs, you kill stuff. No questions asked. Kill, get loot, get rich, buy amazing sh*t, and kill things again. I think we're being trained to be psychopaths.

Back to my journey, I did a ton of quests, leveled up without killing anything and after a few hours of running around I was finally launched into a battle with a bunny. It was quite the battle, but in the end I emerged victorious. The battle with that small white rabbit will always be remembered.

Fast forward again, I finished a quest and had a companion magically appear at my side. This is called an Eidolon, it supports you in battle, and I got to say, their battle animations are (insert a word between good and awesome here). Needless to say, my companion made upcoming battles a whole lot easier. By the way, you choose which thing appears at this point when you're first creating your character.

After getting my companion, I once again embarked on a series of insanely weird quests. First quest, stealing mooncakes from furious bunnies. Yeah, you read that right. I was teleported into a dungeon, given a mallet, dodged very large mutated purple bunnies and stole their mooncakes. Near the end, I battled their king, which was a complete push-over. I got a box for my troubles which gave low-level stuff.

Second quest, escorting a weak and cowardly scholar who used me as a shield against plant demons so he could get a flower to propose to a girl. I battled plants, a lot of plants. The guy made me run around, pulling mutant flowers from the ground and made me kill them while he looked for the perfect flower. He made me do this three times, each one more furious than the previous one. For my troubles, he gave me another box.

Third quest, I battled against dragons with well-equipped soldiers who fell quickly as soon as a dragon walked near them. Now, how could a guy holding a wooden sword and shield have far better combat skills than a well-equipped armored soldier. I even saved their captain from a dragon, THEIR CAPTAIN. Near the end I had to battle a crazy guy who fed on dragon eggs. At the end, you guessed it! A box.

The last quest I did involved saving a guy from werewolves. Pretty straightforward, kill werewolves get a box. Seems like there's a massive demand for boxes in this world. After this quest, I decided to call it a day.

At the end of the day, I gained 12 levels, a companion, and an ostrich(sorry I forgot to mention this). Crazy quests, and somehow I think it'll just get crazier. End day.

If you're playing this game, too, want to add me to your friend list, or embark on crazy quests with me. I'm at:

Server: Siren
IGN: weirdtomb

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