Updates on upcoming guides.

blogger I'm currently working on a Nipah Virus guide for mega-brutal. I've already achieved a 3 biohazard score but I can't consistently win with the strategy I'm using. I decided not to post anything yet since this strategy has a very very low success rate. In 20 games that I've repeatedly used the strategy, only 2 games have won. I'm holding off on posting a guide for this scenario until I have a strategy that wins atleast twice every five games.

In the meantime, achievement guides will be posted if I'm unable to post a guide by the end of the day(GMT+8). I know that everyone wants to have the guides posted as soon as possible, but please understand that I'm the only one working on it, at the moment. Please be patient, I'll post guides as soon as I possibly can.


  1. How do you 3 biohazard nipah on mega brutal. I keep on getting like 60000. Smallpox on mega brutal is also really hard, if all countries are completing focusing on the cure, it takes 18-19 days to cure :/. Right now I have been playing smallpox similarly of how I play Black Death.

    1. I was only able to do it twice then after 20 games not one win. I relied mostly on mutations to evolve the lethal symptoms. At the beginning, I focused on infectious symptoms then alternating between evolving transmissions and abilities.

      I thought I had the strategy down, but turns out to be pure luck.

    2. That's pretty much the strategy I am using. So should I just keep trying?

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