Aura Kingdom Journal

After more than a week of failed downloads and scouring the internet for direct links and torrents, I was finally able to successfully install and patch Aeria Game's Aura Kingdom.(Their installer didn't work for me, blame it on my ISP)

If you want a detailed background on this game, go and check out it's official web site(click here).

It's kind of confusing at first because like any other MMORPG, you'll have to get used to it's user interface, controls, and hotkeys. The game's graphic is quite good, I'm no expert but I think it's on par with the latest free-to-play MMORPGs.

It's too early for me to comment about it's gameplay since I've just started playing. Read my daily game journal to get an idea of the game play.

Guides/Posts about this game have been discontinued. If you want to create posts about this game, contact us.

After three days of playing this MMORPG, I, and my brothers, decided to move to a private server instead of playing in an Aeria Games published MMO. After just 3 days of playing, I've convinced my brothers that we'll never be able to fully enjoy the game because of insane waiting times and cash shop items. Paying users get too much out of the in-game cash shop, maybe because it costs too much.

Anyway, we liked the game(not the publisher), so we decided to move to a private server instead. It still has a cash shop, but we're willing to overlook that if cash shop items don't become a necessity. Here's the link if you want to try it out. CLICK HERE!!!

Helpful Sites that guided me:

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