Currently Experimenting with Nipah Virus achievements.

blogger I'm currently trying to find out how to unlock the "Contagion Cancelled" achievement and "Who Needs Science". What I'm sure of right now is that it is unlocked while playing on the Nipah Virus scenario. By far, that is the only thing I'm sure about.

ErmacAuditore has found a comment that sheds some light on how "Contagion cancelled" achievement is supposed to be unlocked. An anonymous wikia contributor has posted this: (link to original comment)
to get contagion cancelled. dont youse cheats play on normal. dont put any leathal semtomes and wait you can go ahead and put a lot of transmishin tho. as soon as it says there makeing a movid about your plague get memery loss and boom the acters cant rember there lines. (sorry for poor gramer and spelling)
As you can see, his/her instructions are quite vague, and doesn't explain much. There's no mention whether we're waiting for a news banner or a pop-up event. The evolution of the "Memory Loss" symptom has yet to be tested since I've still been unable to get the news banner or pop-up that's supposed to appear.

I went searching on Google and found out that this achievement, and maybe the scenario itself, is based on the 2011 movie, Contagion. If you read the plot summary, you'll see that some symptoms and transmissions are somehow exactly the same as with the movie.

So far, I've tried evolving Bat and Swine transmissions to force the news banner(or pop-up) to happen. Still nothing. If you've seen a news banner or pop-up appear that you think might be the trigger for this achievement, please share them with us. If it's a news banner, it might be colored red(maybe yellow?)

I'll update this even further if more information shows up until we're able to find out exactly how to unlock this achievement.

I'm currently evolving transmissions based on this plot summary paragraph on Contagion movie's wiki page

In the closing minutes, a flashback explains the source of the virus: a man driving a bulldozer for the company Beth Emhoff works for, collapses a palm tree—in which bats are nesting—a bat flies over a pig pen and drops a chunk of banana into the pig pen, where it is eaten by a pig. This is how MEV-1 came about as a bat-pig hybrid virus. The next day, a group of Chinese chefs collect pigs from the same pen and take them to a casino. One chef is approached and called away from his preparations of the infected piglet, and casually wipes his hands on his apron. The chef later greets and shakes hands with Beth Emhoff, making her patient zero and the origin of the MEV-1 virus.
ErmacAuditore, once again, has found ways to unlock the two achievements. Try to test them out. I'm still stuck and not able to even get the "Contagion cancelled achievement"
Bat1,2 Swine1,2 Hendra Cedar Drug1,2 Heat1 Cold1 Fomites1-3
Symptoms: Dysphagia, Coughing, Sneezing, Nausea Vomiting.
After 99% infected: Headache, Nuchal rigidity, Photophobia, Drowisness, Confusion.
After POP-UP about film - Memory Loss.
You win, you're glorious.
Bat1,2 Swine1 Hendra Cedar Fomites
1-3 Drug1,2 Heat1 Cold 1
All the same from left part, which mentioned before + drowisness and photophobia. Pop-up should appear sometime later. After that: headache, rigidity, blurr, confusion, "brain thing shift" in abilities (but not it's symptoms).
These I got from my friend. They may not be perfect, but they should work, as he said. Difficulty isn't important. Now it's up to you to check all of this.
I have been able to unlock the "Who needs Science" achievement. I don't know how I did it though. A pop-up you'll definitely have to see is something saying "Lude Jaw has blah blah blah.

UPDATE: I've found consistently working strategies for both achievements. Guides will be posted as soon as possible.


  1. I've gotten the popup one time in the 15-20 time. There is probably something that causes the popup to appear.

    1. It seems that to have this pop-up appear, you'd need to have Bat 1 and 2, and Swine 1 and 2 transmissions evolved. Can you remember which symptoms, transmissions, abilities you had evolved?

      I've never even seen the pop-up

  2. I suspected that the achievements were something like that. That seems very likely to be the achievements. I can't test it right now though.

  3. Any strat on beating the nipah virus on mega brutal with 3 bios? Been trying a few things... But it starts really really slow in India... So I end up not killing fast enough to get good score

    1. I managed to beat it already -- 3 biohazards at the end. But, I decided not to post the guide yet since in 6 games that I used the same strategy, I was only able to win twice. It's success is greatly affected by the order of mutations -- which as we all know is super random.

      If I can't get a better strategy going, I'll probably post the one I got now. Might be posting it a few hours from now.

    2. Please post it anyway!!! Having so much trouble with this one...

    3. I also stuck on Nipah brutal 3 bios... always get a score of roundabout 60000. Please post it even if it's not perfect ;)

  4. I got them both with two games! :D Ahh so happy!