Plague Inc. Call PETA Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

This achievement can only be unlocked by reacting to certain events in the Nipah Virus scenario. You'll have to wait for a random news banner to appear in order to start, a very short, chain of events that lead to the death of a celebrity's dog. Thus making the celebrity cry. As I've already stated, the news banner appears at random, so you might have to keep trying until it shows itself.

UPDATE(May 16,2014): This achievement can not be unlocked if a cheat mode is activated. The only reason I chose to keep this guide posted is to let people know which pop-ups and news banners they should look out for. I'll update this guide as soon as I find a way to get this achievement without cheat modes.

I was only able to unlock this achievement on mega-brutal difficulty in the Nipah Virus Plague. I was able to unlock it without any cheats activated, but when I tried again, I couldn't repeat it. Having a cheat mode activated helps out a lot in unlocking this achievement, though. In this guide, we'll make use of a cheat mode to make things quicker. If you are unable to unlock the achievement with a cheat mode activated, please notify me right away. I'll make adjustments to this guide if it doesn't work on cheat mode.

I recommend attempting to unlock this achievement in Mega-Brutal difficulty with the Unlimited Strain cheat mode activated, because, in my experience, things work out well(most of the time) in this difficulty. Once again, this achievement can only be unlocked in the Nipah Virus scenario.

These are my recommended genes to make things a little bit easier

  • Metabolic Hijack
  • Aquacyte
  • Trans-Stasis
  • Genetic Mimic
  • Extremophile
Reminder: Unlimited Strain cheat mode must be activated.

1.) Immediately after starting, evolve Hendra Traits and Horse 1

2.) Keep an eye on the news and wait until this news banner shows up:
Kim Shardakian buys new 'Pugapoo' dog
Tip: The appearance of this news reel is completely random. It might appear right away or halfway through infecting India. If India becomes completely infected and this news has not appeared yet, it'd be best to just restart the game and try again.

3.) After seeing the news banner above, evolve every transmission, abilities, and symptoms possible, with the exception of Respiratory Shift, Encephalitic Shift and Genetic Re-Shuffles

4.) Wait until you see the pop-up below. If the cure progression reaches 75% while you wait, immediately use all three Genetic Re-Shuffles to buy more time.
Nipah kills Kim Shardakian's dog
The pop-up above signifies that you've unlocked the "Call PETA" achievement. Congratulations!

There were times in a few of my games that this pop-up failed to appear. If that happens, just repeat the game. 

If you've finished everything stated in this guide and the achievement is still locked, please notify me. This guide uses a cheat mode, and I'm not sure whether or not it is possible to unlock this achievement with a cheat activated. I was able to unlock this achievement without a cheat active, but as I said above, I wasn't able to replicate the strategy I used.

Submitted Guides/Alternate Strategies:

Guide by: Joacim Skoglund

Guide by Anna



  1. People are died too fast!

    1. It's imposible if you use cheat mode.

  2. This thing works fine without cheats. But it's risky.

  3. It did not unlock

  4. Hey, Spicy. Someone posed this thing for "Contagion Canceled" achievement.

    "to get contagion cancelled. dont youse cheats play on normal. dont put any leathal semtomes and wait you can go ahead and put a lot of transmishin tho. as soon as it says there makeing a movid about your plague get memery loss and boom the acters cant rember there lines. (sorry for poor gramer and spelling)"

    Can you check it and tell what should we do?

    1. Are there anymore details to this? Am I watching out for a news banner or a pop-up? I'm trying this out right now

    2. Unspecified. I suppose, that it's banner. I found it here in comments: http://plagueinc.wikia.com/wiki/Achievements

    3. I think there's a very specific way of evolving transmissions to get a news banner or pop-up that says something about a movie. Too bad the comment doesn't explain much further. I'll keep on experimenting with it.

    4. Keep people informed, please.

  5. i cannot understand...
    ATTENTION: This achievement can not be unlocked if a cheat mode is activated.
    Then you say: Having a cheat mode activated helps out a lot in unlocking this achievement...I recommend attempting to unlock this achievement in Mega-Brutal difficulty with the Unlimited Strain cheat mode activated

    1. Sorry for the confusion. When I made this guide, I thought it'd be possible to unlock it with a cheat activated but some people told me it doesn't. I should've used "Update" instead of "attention.

  6. Yo Spicy, did some research and apparently Kim Kardashian had a dog which died. Unfortunately, Not due to a disease but poisoning from a snail trail...
    Then I found out that a cat she had died due to a "cancer-like" virus and guess what, nipah is a virus and we can evolve Tumours!
    Just wanted to leave it here, gonna test it, maybe it will unlock the achievement for sure

    1. Nevermind that, messed up. Nipah doesn't have Tumours, it's the Frozen Virus that has em :(

  7. Apparently, each of the achievements can be achieved in every game mode.
    I have got the banner 10 times in a row on normal mode with unlimited cheat activated.
    Unfortunately I do not know how to trigger the second banner.
    The CDC website says that transfer of nipah to dogs occurred through the food chain, so I assume maxing out the pig traits is a must.
    I also think the dog traitnis a must.
    As for the kill, I am exploring the "barking pig" set of symptoms but I am not succeeding.
    The CDC say mammals such as dogs and horses die from respiratory problems such as barking pig syndrome (pug? Syndrome) and meningitis related nervous system problems.
    Hope this helps.

  8. Lol, forgot to confirm how I'm triggering the first banner:
    Start game.
    Evolve hendra
    Evolve horse 1
    Devolve everything that mutates.
    Be patient.

  9. I got the clue for this Achievement! Tried severall times like you say and didn't succed. Then I reed the news abou what the Countries are evoling and I got it. You are right on your way, but isn't random!

    Do like described after Kim's dog Banner comes. Important is just to evolve dog transis and that you infect all the world. You need a bit lethality but not to much, so that the peaple are dying slower than the research evolve.

    About 75% cure happens: look for the news that USA killed all the horses! AFTER THIS evolve genetic re-shuffles! Now the scientists will take a closer look at the dogs and soon the pop up will come :-) If you evolve before they killed the horses, won't work.

    Hope this helps and thank you for the very good guides.

  10. P.S. It also work with cheats. I allready test this with endless DNS and I got the last pop up. Just wait of dead horses and 75% cure, than evolve reshuffles.

  11. I keep dying in 11 days

  12. That happend to me too, just keep restarting the game it should work

  13. Ariel Iván AguayoJuly 15, 2014 at 4:14 PM

    Thank you so so much to Anna!! ^o^

  14. Fräulein von FenroxAugust 22, 2014 at 3:37 PM

    Thank you for this tip! It didn't work first for me, but after devolving the animal transmissions II (Horses!), the pop-up finally arrived! =D

  15. Hendra traits , horse 1. Once you get news about kim buying new dog, evolve transmissions with dogs and horses and keep playing game like you normally would. Infect everyone and kill

  16. I just successfully got this on Casual, though oddly enough I had been following the Contagion/Who Needs Science? guides at the time.

  17. I used Anna's guide above and it worked perfectly the first try. Thanks!!